Relationship Counselling Services


Relationship conflict and ruptures can be a source of much distress in lives.  It is also through relationships we learn to heal provided the right therapeutic conditions. I offer counselling services for couples and families who are looking for support in repairing relationship ruptures and learning skills and strategies to manage conflict.  

A relationship conflict can arise in an intimate relationship setting, a friendship or a family.   I specialize in addressing the common challenges that can arise relationships.  Relationships can encounter various issues, such as frequent conflicts, communication breakdowns, emotional distance, infidelity, and struggles with intimacy. Families may also seek therapy to navigate issues arising from a rift or estrangement, the effects of substance use, and significant transitions such as a divorce or separation.  I provide a safe and supportive space where people in relationships with each other can explore these challenges, deepen their understanding of each other, and develop healthier patterns of interaction.

Therapeutic Approaches


am trained and certified in the following couples therapy modalities to further support the healing process :


Bader-Pearson Developmental Model of Couples Therapy ( Level 1 ):


  • As a trained therapist in the level 1 Bader-Pearson Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, I utilize a collaborative and structured approach to help couples understand the underlying dynamics that contribute to their relationship difficulties. This model focuses on identifying the developmental stages of relationships and addressing core issues to foster growth and connection.


Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT):


  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is an evidence-based approach that helps couples enhance their emotional bond and create a secure attachment. Through this approach, couples gain a deeper understanding of their own and their partner's emotional needs and enabling them to communicate effectively, manage conflicts, and cultivate a more fulfilling and intimate relationship.


Gottman Couples Therapy (Level 1 and 2):


  • With certification in Gottman Couples Therapy (Level 1 and 2), I draw on research-based interventions and assessments developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. This approach focuses on strengthening the friendship, managing conflicts constructively, and creating shared meaning within the relationship. Couples learn practical skills and tools to build trust, increase intimacy, and develop a strong foundation for a lasting and fulfilling partnership. Through these evidence-based modalities, I am dedicated to helping couples improve communication, deepen emotional connection, and resolve conflicts. Together, we will explore your unique relationship dynamics and work towards building a stronger, more loving, and resilient partnership.


"Recovery can take place only within then context of relationships; it cannot occur in isolation.”

-Judith Herman

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